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Brisbane Folk Club History Project


Production of our DVD and book will involve a great deal of research. Currently very little tangible information is available on this subject – the information is with the people. We have compiled a list of people to interview.

It is an ambitious project and one which we could not contemplate doing alone so we are very keen to hear from anyone who would like to be involved. In particular, contact with anyone who has written about or researched this subject in the past. Any recordings, videos, films, articles, books anecdotes and memorabilia would be invaluable.

However long you have been involved in the Brisbane Folk Scene, we are keen to hear your stories.

(Read some of the stories we have so far)

The questionnaire (PDF version available here) We invite you to respond using whatever means best suits you.

There is an online version of the questionnaire where you can simply fill in answers online and then press the 'Send us your answers" button and it will be emailed to us, or

  • Typed responses can be emailed back to Andrea:
  • To participate in a “group story-telling session” with a few others, please ring Andrea on 07 3857 5150
  • If you “don’t get out much these days”, it may be possible to arrange for a fellow-folkie to come and interview you at a convenient location. Contact Andrea
  • If you prefer, you could use this questionnaire as a stimulus and record your stories at home onto tape or CD. Please send your recording to:

Brisbane Folk History Project,
PO Box 6241 Fairfield Gardens, Q 4103

Michael Tully
Home: 07 3255 8268, Mob: 0408 152 614

(An electronic questionnaire version can be downloaded from here )

Our research team is headed up by Lonnie Martin.  Her able assistants are Mary Brettell, Andrea Baldwin, Anne Infante, Michael Tully, John Djorvak, Juda Bacon, Michael Bourne, Rose Broe, John Thompson, Josephine Frankland and Ryk Rostron.


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